These are “fillable PDF’s” and as such you can type in the relevant details on your computer with any program you use to open the PDF’s.

1. Fill in the following parts on the first page:

a) [Address of Recipient] (2 lines)
b) [Date] (1 lines)
c) [Dear] Persons Real Name [School Principal, School Board, Organisation Head, Member of Organisation]
or [Dear] Persons Real Name [Doctor, Psychologist, Health Practitioner, GP Clinic Practice Manager, Pharmacy, Vaccination Clinic / Pop Up etc…]
d) Then on the last page….
[Kind Regards] (2 lines) You may use your legal name or may send it
anonymously such as “Concerned Parents”, “Members of Your Community”

2. Has to be sent by registered post. Please go to your local post office for full information on how to use that service

3. Record the registered post number, date sent and the name of the recipient and their address via this form here:

4. Pray for a miracle and send with love and good intent only.

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