Building A Strong Immune System Against COVID-19 with Prof. Ian Brighthope

Founder of The College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and a retired medical practitioner with over 40 years of experience, Professor Ian Brighthope takes a deep dive with PWQ founder Adam Gibson into what is required to improve health and increase resistance to COVID-19. From previous experience and based on the scientific literature, he initiated a prophylactic and treatment protocol titled “The CD Zinc Campaign”. 

The CD Zinc Campaign suggest to use of vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc as oral supplements and the use of high dose vitamin D for deficiency states and high dose intravenous vitamin C for acutely and severely ill patients either as outpatients or inpatients. The campaign was taken to the federal government, unions, public, media and business. 


1:48 – Introduction from Prof. Ian Brighthope regarding his career and experience

4:00 –  Why nutrients are critical to disease management

5:30 – Why aren’t more Doctors trained in Nutritional Medicine for disease prevention and management

10:00 – The systemic issues of the medical model – a captured establishment that perpetuates “sick care’

14:00 – Prof. Ian comments on the management of the current pandemic and the evidence based treatment options that have been overlooked including high dose intravenous Vitamin C as well as Zinc.

18:00 The mechanism of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc in immune protection against viruses

19:38 – Prof. Ian’s protocol falling on deaf ears with government officials and policy makers

20:00 – Prof. Ian’s presentation – Pandemic Freedom: The prevention, treatment and care of COVID-19 patients

26:00 – Vitamin D deficiency – how it works, why this hormone is essential for immune health and preventing viruses

29:00 – Why Prof. Ian’s lifesaving protocol should be but isn’t being used in the hospital system

45:00 –  Mechanism of action and high level studies on Vitamin D in disease prevention and management

48:00 – Why the COVID-19 virus is mutating and why you can not get the virus twice

51:00 – Policy makers ignoring studies that support Prof. Ian’s protocol

58:00  – PCR and false positives, why this test is not accurate

1:00 Adverse reactions form the jab, why the reactions are more severe than being reported  in the media

1:04 – The health issues surrounding masking the kids

1:08 – Prof. Ian pleaded – Don’t jab your children, it is unnecessary

1:10  – Worried about kids passing the virus onto the elderly? What parents can do! 


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